Gil Mitchell
actor, director, choreographer, educator
"A particular standout . . . excellent." -Julian Ford, Washington City Paper
"[Gil is] the bad boy of Shakespeare."
-Ralph Cohen, author of ShakesFear and How to Cure It
"He's in my top 4 favorite kids." -Prominent Dad Humorist Mike Mitchell

About Gil

Gil Mitchell's Headshot.

Gil Mitchell is a multihyphenate artist and educator, currently based out of Washington, DC. Born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and raised in North Carolina, Gil started off his career in performance as a ballet dancer at the University of North Carolina School of the Arts. He fell in love with Shakespeare and classical work while training at the (sadly) now defunct North Carolina Shakespeare Festival. He attained the distinction in 2015 of becoming one of the youngest Actor Combatants ever sanctioned by the Society of American Fight Directors. Broadening his horizons, Gil ventured to Denmark's Musik og Teaterhøjskolen, achieving a certificate in Contemporary Circus Arts in 2016.

Continuing his education, Gil attended Mary Baldwin University, where he received a BA in performing Arts, and a Master of Letters in Shakespeare and Performance. While there, he worked and trained at the American Shakespeare Center in Staunton, Virginia. He then went on to study at the Academy at the George Washington University and Shakespeare Theatre Company, earning a Master of Fine Arts in Classical Acting. During his tenure at George Washington, he achieved Advanced Actor Combatant status with the SAFD.

A distinguished director, actor, and choreographer, Gil holds a firm belief in the alchemy of exceptional theatre. For him, the fusion of meticulous dramaturgy, adept vocal craftsmanship, and impeccable physicality is the key to crafting memorable performances. Presently, he serves as an adjunct faculty member at NewU University, where he teaches classes in rhetoric, negotiation, and decision making. In his free time, Gil plays amateur chess and exceptional gin rummy, and makes craft cocktails.

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