A long exposure of Gil juggling, representing the many things he is capable of keeping track of while teaching students.

Teaching Experience and Philosophy

During his tenure as a Master of Letters student, Gil learned Shakespearean Pedagogy from Dr. Ralph Cohen, Professor Emeritus at Mary Baldwin University, and author of ShakesFear and How to Cure It, a leading text in teaching Shakespeare to young adults. Gil has been an education artist with the American Shakespeare Center, and a worked alongside JP Scheidler as a teaching assistant for graduate level stage combat courses. A recognized guest lecturer, Gil's expertise has been sought after by numerous local and educational theatre companies, such as the Hyperion Shakespeare Company. Presently, Gil's role as a teaching artist spans across multiple theatre companies, including the Shakespeare Theatre Company. Beyond this, he holds the position of Adjunct Professor of English at NewU University, teaching courses in rhetoric, negotiation, and decision making. Rooted in his unwavering belief in the power of rigorous training and ongoing education, Gil firmly holds that individuals of all ages can adeptly grasp intricate techniques and concepts. This belief forms the cornerstone of his teaching philosophy, where he fosters a safe learning environment in which students not only meet but exceed the expectations set forth in the classroom.

Gil Mitchell lecturing at the Blackfriars Playhouse.
Gil Mitchell directing for hidden Lion.
Gil Mitchell and Matt Davis in the Blackfriars Playhouse


Ideal for burgeoning actors and dedicated students alike, these workshops provide an unparalleled opportunity for participants to refine and elevate their craft. Whether they’re yearning to grasp the fundamentals of stage combat, ignite their rhetoric prowess, or explore the depths of scansion, these engaging sessions are tailor-made to empower groups of eight or more in their journey to masterful theatremaking. Workshops include: Introduction to Stage Combat, Shakespearean Rhetoric and Verse, Shakespeare: A Crash Course, and Who Wrote Shakespeare's Plays?


These carefully crafted courses cater to all experience levels from first-time players, to veteran actors looking to brush up their Shakespeare. They cover a wide range of topics important to classical actors. Dramaturgy for Actors is a graduate-level class that unveils the art of storytelling not merely on an individual scale, but within the context of society. For those who are new to the classics, or just want a refresher, Introduction to Shakespeare offers a captivating journey into timeless works, encompassing rhetoric and scansion. And for those who want to practice and hone their skills, Shakespearean Scene Study equips students with a practical roadmap for tackling full-length productions of Shakespeare's masterpieces.


Each actor possess their own unique qualities, and one-on-one coaching sessions are perfect to address individual needs. These personalized sessions serve as a platform for nurturing distinctive acting styles and conquering unique challenges. Coaching can encompass rehearsing monologues or audition prep, and private tutoring in heightened text and verse, providing comprehensive support for actors to grow their craft.

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